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What is Abundant Life?

Sonny, started this line of thought with his observation that most evangelistic methods/techniques that he has seen are all about finding out if the person wants to go to heaven. Sonny’s question then became “Do we serve a God of the living or a God of the dead?” Jesus answered that question even before it was asked. In Mark 12:27 Jesus informed the  Sadducees that they are mistaken in their question because God is not the God of the dead, but of the living. So, the diagnostic “When you die, will you go to heaven?” is irrelevent. By preaching the “Good News” after that question is basically asking a person to live their life in anticipation of death. In John chapter 10, Jesus said “I have come that they might have life and have it abundantly.” He didn’t say that He cameso that they couldgo to heaven.

Is this abundant life something that people that are “in theworld” would want? Why or why not? What is abundant life? What are it’s benefits? Has your life been made richer through knowing Jesus? Have you experienced this “abundant life”?


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2 thoughts on “What is Abundant Life?

  1. Paul Haber on said:

    According to my Miriam Webster dictionary, “abundant” is defined as:
    more than enough, amply sufficient, copious, plentiful.
    There are many definitions of life, but here are a couple:
    1)The physical and mental experiences of a body.
    2)The period from birth to death.
    So “abundant life” would be a life of sufficiency, a bountiful life, one of copious blessings, of having more than enough of everything we need (although not necessarily everything we want- we can get greedy). My concordance says that to prosper is to acieve economic success: to become strong and flourishing. Prosperity is the condition of being sucesful or thriving. Sounds to me like our God of the living wants us to live that kind of life- with Him coming first.

  2. I once had a friend who told me that she wanted to be like Enoch for he walked with God: and he was not; for God took him. Lori wanted such an abundant life knowing God that when she died things would be no different being in heaven because she walked with God so closely that she wouldn’t know that there was a difference. Well Lori died instantly in a motorcycle accident and I personal feel God granted her request.

    In my thinking, having an abundant life doesn’t consist of material possession or financial gains. In Romans 8:29 it says ” He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son” I have very no doubt that God cares for our comfort level in life when it come to molding us into the image of His Son. If we allow ourselves to be molded by the Master’s hands then things will go much easier on us. This molding takes place in our obedience in following His directions in our life. If we fight this molding or if we need to endure some hardships in our life to prepare us for the Master’s use then so be it.

    But the abundant life that I see talked about in the Bible is an abundant relationship with God.
    • Knowing God is extremely real.
    • Having the Peace of God that passes all understanding in all situations.
    • Having God as an anchor during the worst storms in your life.
    • Being able to pray to God knowing that He hears your prayers and will answer them in a way that will bring Him the most glory.

    About preaching the “Good News” of Jesus Christ I don’t know what it is that attracted sinner to the Son of God. What was it in Jesus that made Him a friend of sinners? How can I emulate that image of God only Son? Most of us only have friends of sinners from the people we work with. Otherwise we isolate ourselves that might put us in any situation that we would find ourselves building friendship with sinners. What was that Good News that Christ had to offer to sinners that made Him their Friend? This I don’t know or understand.

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