Serving Jesus through discipleship

What Do You Believe

My friend and I were conversing the other day about the condition of the church in America. we areed that many of the people that call themselves Christians do not behave like Christians. (It is not my intent here to illustrate Christian behavior.) We agreed that the most common cause for this is that “Christians” don’t know what they believe or why they believe it.

This can be ilustrated by by reviewing the research done by the Barna Research Group. In point review the report publiched in December by Barna titled, “Six Megathemes Eemerge from Barna Research in 2010. This report is just an review of more detailed research, but this report just tickles the problems rampant in the church today.

The reason for this post is to get all of us to think. What should you think about? Ponder this; “Who is God?”


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