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How Can We Hear the Voice of God?

The following begins a series of posts on how we, in the 21st century can hear the voice of God, get to know Him, and establish a relationship with Him. The following topics will be discussed:

  • How does God reveal himself?
  • What are the Scriptures?
  • Who How is Jesus the Hero of the Bible?
  • Who wrote the Bible?
  • What is the Canon of Scripture?
  • Why were some books not accepted as Scripture?
  • Does Scripture contain errors and/or contradictions?
  • Can I trust that the Bible is God’s word?
  • Why is scripture authoritative?
  • Is the Bible sufficient or all I need for life with God?
  • Why are there different translations of the Bible?
  • How can we best Interpret Scripture?
  • How does our view of Scripture Affect Our Life?

Does God speak internally through my spirit? Does God speak externally through a holy man such as a guru or a prophet? Does God speak through ancient wisdom or collected tradition?

The first thing we learn about God in Genesis is that God reveals Himself in words; no less than 10 times, the opening chapter of Genesis says, “God said.” Despite sin, God initiates a relationship with us by making Himself known.

God reveals Himself to us in two distinct ways. The first way is general revelation. General revelation is the way God reveals Himself to us in a general way. We can see some of the attributes of God by looking at His creation. Psalm 19: 1, 4 says “The heavens declare the glory of God, the sky above declares his handiwork … Their voice goes out through all the earth and their words to the end of the world. Isaiah 6:3 says “The whole earth is full of His glory!” Look at the order in the universe, scientists would have us believe that this order is an accident a completely fortuitous random event. Yet, the order that we see around us is could really only be an anomaly of nature when we consider the law of entropy. Entropy is defined as the inevitable and steady deterioration of a system or society. We see the law of entropy at work every day. Our bodies age, become ill and eventually die. We see the things that we make deteriorate. Metal rusts, wood rots, food spoils. All things that we see around us are in some state of deterioration. We can slow this deterioration through maintenance but a the law of entropy states, this decay in inevitable and steady. Science would have us believe that the universe was created through an accidental big bang (I think the big bang theory implies disorder from the start) and that the order we see around us is a result of natural forces. You may be knowledgeable enough to know that the universe is in a state of decay. Stars are going dark, galaxies are colliding, even the moon is slowly drifting away from the earth. We know that our sun will burn out one day. So where did this initial order come from. It only came from God. It is because of this order that we know the glory of God and that He exists. It is because of this General Revelation that those who do not know Christ will be condemned. Even those that do not know Christ should have been looking for the God whose glory they see around them.

The second way that God reveals Himself is through Special revelation. For us to be saved from the judgment, we must receive and believe God’s special revelation. What is special revelation? This special revelation is the Holy Scriptures. When we read the Old Testament, we see how God spoke to selected people giving them His message which was written down first for them and for us. It was by the power and inspiration of the Holy Spirit that we have the Bible. God provided the Bible to us so that we could know Him.


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