Serving Jesus through discipleship

Reviewing God’s Provision

After defeating the Midianites, east of the Jordan, Moses recapped all that God had done for his people. Remember that the last time that Israel was in the position of getting ready to cross the Jordan, the spies that Moses sent into the land came back with a report that caused Israel to lose heart and grumble against God. God became angry at them because of their lack of faith and swore that none of them would enter the land. So the people wandered in the desert for 40 years until all of the people over 20 when they failed to obey the Lord were dead.

I believe that Moses retold the story of their journey was to ensure the people would remember that God had taken care of them all of their lives. That He had promised that He would give them the land, and that there would be negative consequences for disobedience.

It is the same today! We seem to have forgotten that God has taken care of us all of our lives. We seem to think that we have accomplished all the things that have made our lives better. We have come to rely on ourselves rather than God for our daily needs. As we Read Deuteronomy 1 we need to realize that God is our provider and that there are consequences for disobeying God. Remember the greatest commandment is “Love the Lord with all you heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind. In doing keeping this commandment, we will become humble and give God that glory that is His. Anything else is disobedience and will be dealt with.

It is good to daily remember what God has done for you, thank Him for His provision and pray for forgiveness for any ungratefulness.


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