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The Testing of the Lord

In Deuteronomy 13 we find Moses telling the Israelites that the Lord will test them to find out if they love the Lord with all their heart and all their soul. Doesn’t God know all things? He knows what is in a man’s heart, why does he have to test them?

I think He will test the Israelites for the same reason He tests us. He wants to know experientially, how we will respond. Just as important, we will know what is in our heart by examining our actions.

Moses was talking about the Lord testing them by having a prophet work signs and wonders to see if they would obey their God, or be led astray by the prophet. I think today, our tests are much more sinister. It doesn’t take a wonder to get us to stray from our God. In just one generation we have come from abhorring homosexuality to embracing it. Why? To be considered “modern” by our peers. Having a high moral standard is just too old fashioned. The same thing has happened with divorce and abortion in just two generations. The law of God has been subsided by our pleasure. Do we need to wonder how God will react?


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