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Laws of Warfare?

I find it interesting that God gives the people a set of rules concerning warfare. They are not what you would think though. The rules are not only dictating how to fight a war, but who will fight the war.

The first thing God says is do not be afraid of the army that is greater than you (the Israelites). They are to remember that the LORD God is there to fight for them. God is requiring faith, but notice that it is not blind faith. The people have experienced the protection of God. They know He has intervened for them in the past. They must trust that He will keep His promise.

If a man has built a new house and has not dedicated it, he is to leave the battleground, return home and dedicate his house. Again they must have faith that God will fight the battle for them. The same is true for a man that has just planted a new vineyard. He shall not go to war until after he has tasted of its fruit. A man that is engaged to be married, there will be no war for him! And finally if there is a man who is afraid, relieve him also. The people fighting the war shall have complete faith in the LORD.

God wants to be involved in everything that the children do. And it is true with us also. God wants us to partner with Him to accomplish His ends. Many people want God to partner with them to accomplish their ends. Those people will be sadly disappointed.


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