Serving Jesus through discipleship

He is Risen

Resurrection Sunday, commonly referred to as Easter, is the most significant day of the liturgical year. It is the day when “Christians” who don’t normally attend church, are most prone to attend. Many congregations forego their usual service schedule and opt for a sunrise service. It is a special day by all accounts.

There are several theories as to the derivation of the word Easter. The theories range from the name of a pagan fertility goddess’ holiday to a translation error in the Old High German. The modern western world celebrates Easter with baskets filled with marshmallow chicks, jelly beans, chocolate bunnies and new bonnets. These are strange attributes to have associated with the most momentous occasion in history.

We celebrate Easter because after being crucified and buried, Jesus of Nazareth validated all of the claims He made in His three year ministry on earth by rising from the dead. This bodily resurrection proved that God exists and that Jesus is God, having authority over life itself. Because He lives, we can face tomorrow. Because He lives, there is hope for the future. Because He lives …


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