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Where is Your Trust

We have been trained to trust in our own devices. When we lack something we work to obtain it. For instance, If we are in need of a job, we piece together a resume which serves as an advertisement to tell potential employers what skills we have and a cover letter to inform him how those skills will benefit his company. Have you ever heard of anyone including “Servant of the Living God” on a resume?

Most employers would just laugh at qualification. We have all known Christians or “servants of God” that quite frankly appear to serve themselves rather than work for a more altruistic motive. So called Christians, have allowed the name of God to become a curse rather a blessing. The name Christian does not carry the respect that it should. Too many Christians are behaving in a manner that is consistent with the prevalent world view rather than living a life that reflects a biblical world view. We trust in what we can do rather than in what God can do!

We should take a lesson from David. In Psalm 44 David writes, “For I will not trust in my bow, nor will my sword save me.” This does not mean that David will not fight. This does not mean that David will not prepare for battle. What is does mean is that after being fully prepared for the battle, after the training and preparation ultimately, the battle belongs to the LORD. It is God that determines the winners and losers. We are to serve God by obeying His commandments. By living in a manner that is consistent with His nature. If we are fully surrendered to God, if we are constantly aware that it is by His grace that we accomplish anything, if we are not proud, if all of our boasting is in the LORD; HE will bless us by being our constant companion and doing great things through our weakness.

The way to tell if you are surrendered to God is by measuring your attitude of thankfulness. If in all things you give thanks, you may be surrendered to the living God! Surrendering ourselves to God is counterintuitive to everything that we have been taught. I believe it takes great effort to put selfish desires aside and dedicate you life to God. I also believe that with God’s help, living for Him can be done.

Tell me, do you think it is possible to totally surrender yourself to God?


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2 thoughts on “Where is Your Trust

  1. Paul Haber on said:

    No, Larry, I don’t think it’s possible to totally surender yourself to God, although I know a few who claim to have done so. My thought is that I’ll keep trying, probably fall short because I’m a sinful human, and then try again..

    • Larry on said:

      Look to Matthew 19. Jesus just explained to His disciples what it took to be saved and it was so incredible that their response was, “Then who can be saved?” Jesus response was, “With people this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
      I think the same holds true here. We are sinners. By definition this means that we don’t totally surrender ourselves to God. The more we try the more dramatically we will fail. God has the power to conform us to His will. He will remake us but we have to do our part. (See Romans 12) The Bible instructs us on what we are to do. I think the problem is that most people want to just go to the part that tells us what we are to do without reading the rest if the instructions. This leaves God out of the equation. A sure formula for failure,

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