Serving Jesus through discipleship

Obedience to God

After the Ark of God had been out of Israel for a while, David, the king of Israel called an assembly of the people and they decided that it was good that the ark should be returned to the land of Israel. So David prepared a new cart to carry the ark, placed the ark on the cart and started out to bring the ark to its new home. There was much celebrating and praising God during the procession to return the ark. There were songs, lyres. harps, symbols, trumpets, and tambourines. It was a very festive occasion. When the cart came to a rough patch, the cart almost tipped so Uzza put out his hand to steady the ark and God struck him dead immediately.

David became angry because of the LORDS outburst against Uzza! David also became afraid of God that day!

Why did the LORD strike Uzza dead when he just tried to preserve the ark? Two reasons! One: No one was to touch the ark except for the priest. Two: Those designated to transport the ark were to use poles through the rings provided for that purpose and the designated people were to carry the ark on their shoulders using the poles. So, David broke two commands of God concerning the ark that day! Yet, David was the one who became angry.

Isn’t it just like us when to become angry when we are trying to do something good and we find out that it was the wrong thing to do? What should David have done?

David should have consulted God instead of the people before transporting the ark. We see in the next two chapters of 1 Chronicles that David did consult God before going to battle. He wanted to make sure that what he was doing was pleasing to God and the He was on his side.

My conclusion? Everything we do for God should have God’s blessing before we start. Everything we do should be for God! When we try to accomplish something for God using our own devices, it is sure to come to disaster. Please, tell me of instances where these principals can be seen in your life. Are my conclusions true or way off base?


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