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The Spoils of War

A man after God’s heart? That is what the Bible says about Israel’s greatest king, David. Yet in 2 Samuel 8, It seems that David is extremely cruel.

I know that when Israel entered the land that God told Israel to kill all the inhabitants of the land. I know that this was because of their evil deeds. I also know that Israel disobeyed God. In this chapter of 2 Samuel, David defeated Moab. The chapter doesn’t say how many were killed during the fighting. However of those that survived, David caused them to lay down in three lines Two of which he killed and one line he made his servants. God doesn’t tell us the evil that the Moabites did to deserve this treatment nor does God tell us why David would do such a thing. It seems such a cruel thing to do. It also seems very unwise. He left one third of a people that could rise up and rebel at a later time while killing two thirds of the people for no apparent reason.

People read this today and they question the things they have been told about God. “How could a God of love allow this to happen? Why would a just God let this injustice stand?” The only conclusion that I can come to at this time is to say that I have faith that God is just and loving and that it was God’s will that David act this way. I don’t understand it, but my job is to praise God’s name because of it. Isn’t it?


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One thought on “The Spoils of War

  1. Paul Haber on said:

    Just is just–only those who don’t understand that truth think the Moabites were treated cruelly. It seems to me that God will bless us if we obey Him, but ‘WOE BETIDE” those who disobey. Only Jesus keeps all of us from the same fate. The Moabites (and some of us today) will never understand that.

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