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Fearing, Trusting and Loving God

“O God, You have rejected us. You have broken us; You have been angry; O, restore us.”

What can you do when God rejects you? When you have called on His name in faith and there is no answer? When you have tried all that you know to do to fix you situation, and still the resulting situation is bringing you down?

Even though you trust God, sometimes He doesn’t provide help when you thought He would. Sometimes you think you are doing the right thing and if the way it is turning out is any indication, you are doing the thing that is displeasing to God. It is during those times that the words of Psalm 60 above will come to your lips. These words of David indicate that he has been cut off from God’s provision. Knowing that God’s anger is not without provocation, David knows that if he prays with a contrite heart, he will receive the desire of his heart; to be restored to right relationship with his God.

Jesus was crucified so that we might have the restored relationship. God hates sin and is angry with all who perpetrate sin. In order to be restored to a right relationship with Him we need to accept the gift of Jesus with a contrite heart. What is the evidence that we have accepted the gift of Jesus?


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