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Thoughts on Prayer

This morning my reading was in Psalms. As I was pondering the words that were penned so many centuries ago, I was thinking that there probably no better prayer.

The Psalmist knew God! That is evident by his praise and pleadings. His pleas seem to be requesting only that which God had already promised. The Psalmist not only knew God, but knew the word of God. Come to think of it, how can a person know God but by the word of God. I believe that God gave us the Psalmist so that He could give us the Psalms. He gave us the Psalms so that we could pray them back to Him and with meditation, get to know the Creator of heaven and earth.

I challenge you to make the Psalms a part of your prayer time with your maker. With 150 Psalms, you can pray five Psalms each day and make it through the book in a month. Do this each month of the year and use the Psalms for your meditation and you just may find that God has somehow grown close to you.

Anyone up for the challenge?


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