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David, a shepherd, warrior, psalmist and King! A sinner after God’s own heart!

I think back on the story of David and Goliath, and that the reason that David confronted him was because Goliath mocked the God of his fathers. David knew that God would not let that blasphemer get away with his insolence. All that was needed was someone with faith to stand up and let God work through him. Out of all the warriors of Israel, a shepherd boy had the faith and the courage to avenge his God! Truly David was walking in the Spirit and not in the flesh.

When I read the Psalms of David, this attitude is made evident. David gets down to the heart of the matter, his sinfulness and God’s mercy. David is aware of his sinfulness and relies on the mercy of his God. He laments over his sin and his sinful nature. The struggle between right and wrong in him causes him great anguish because his desire is to please God.

If only I could develop this right relationship with God. I could pray great prayers like David did! What is amazing is that I can pray great prayers. David wrote his prayers down in the Psalms. Even more amazing is that when I pray the prayers of David, the Spirit works in me to develop the heart of David!

I am amazed by our God!

Tell me why God is amazing to you.


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