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Only the Good

Cover of "Spiritual Life"

Cover of Spiritual Life

When the Bible talks about life and death, it is hard to determine if the text means spiritual death or physical death; spiritual life or physical life. Of course when the reader has the right frame of reference in some passages it is easy; passages like, “Whoever wishes to save his life will lose it.” After much thought and reading of scripture, that passage becomes clear.

It is said by people that “only the good die young”. The Bible says, “Fear of the LORD prolongs life, but the years of the wicked will be shortened.” Does this passage from proverbs 10 mean spiritual life or physical life? I think when Solomon wrote it, he meant physical life. Of course, with his wisdom he could have meant both. In that day, if you feared the LORD you would have obeyed all of the law. The law of God was the law of the land. Not unlike the Muslim countries of today. By obeying the law, you would preserve your life because many transgressions had the penalty of death (physical).

Today, in America, God’s law is not the law of the land. Far from it. The death penalty is an anathema to many. Our legal system is reticent to carry out its own verdict of capital punishment. However God’s system of justice is still in effect. The transgression of God’s law still results in death (spiritual); “the wages of sin is death”. It seems sinful to not complete Romans 6:23, “but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our LORD”.

“Only the good die young.” Jesus said that “only God is good” and He ain’t dead. Humanity, however is dead in its sin. Christians are alive in Jesus and have been proclaimed righteous. it may be that only the good die young, but the righteous will live forever!


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