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Is this Christian Love?

This morning I was attending my father’s funeral at St. John the Baptist Catholic church. I am no longer Catholic and haven’t been for many years. I credit Catholicism for grounding me in my Christian faith. During the Mass however, I could not stop myself from remembering why I quit the Catholic church and how the ceremonies that I was watching seemed so wrong.

How unchristian of me to criticize the way another denomination chooses to worhip our God! After a few minutes of reflection, I realized how petty that was and also how utterly human.

It is only human to criticize someone whose customs are different that our own. I remember this little verse from an album that was popular wan I was a teenager. The album was a comedy album by Dave Gardner (Brother Dave Gardener). The name of the song is National Brotherhood Week. A performance of this can be fo0und on youtube. One of the verses went like this

Oh the Protestants hate the Catholics
And the Catholics hate the Protestants
The Muslims hate the Hindus
And every one hates the Jews

You’ll need to watch the performance to hear the refrain. The point is that we have more than enough things that divide us, we need to focus on the things that we have in common and practice love for one another.

St. John The Baptist Catholic Church, Dayton, ...

St. John The Baptist Catholic Church, Dayton, Minnesota (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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2 thoughts on “Is this Christian Love?

  1. I am sorry for the loss of your father. I appreciate your honesty about our human/fleshly nature. I have to admit, the place where your post ‘broke’ in the preview at the end of the first paragraph left me wondering where you were headed with this entry, as I’ve not read any of your other posts. I was relieved to read the rest of your comments. May God comfort you in the coming days and weeks. Death of a parent can be a complicated thing, can’t it…regardless of our age, whether the relationship was good or bad, the passing expected or unexpected.

  2. Thanks for this. And I really believe we have much more in common than we could ever have different — as long as we have a real, genuine faith in Christ and in His Gospel and a heart full of His love.

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