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The Disobedient Prophet

After Solomon’s death, Jeroboam, son Nebat, became king over Israel. Jeroboam was an idolatrous man and burned incense on the high places to the goddess of fertility (Asherim). God sent His messenger to curse the altar that Jeroboam used to burn incense. God gave this man explicit instructions. He was not to eat or drink or return to his home by the same way he took to get there.

English: Jeroboam was the first king of the no...

English: Jeroboam was the first king of the northern Israelite Kingdom of Israel after the revolt of the ten northern Israelite tribes against Rehoboam that put an end to the United Monarchy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another prophet in Israel heard about this man of God, found out from his servants which way the man of God was traveling and went an met him. After he caught up with the man of God, the old prophet lied to him and told him that God had sent him and that the man of God should accompany the old prophet to his house. The man of God believed the old prophet and accompanied him home; whereupon he was killed by a lion for his disobedience. You can read the whole story yourself in 1 Kings 13.

The point here is, sin will not go unpunished! To sin against God, even when you think you are doing right, is punishable by death (the wages of sin is death). That is the way it is and the way it will always be. Why did the man of God believe the old prophet when he knew what God had told him? He thought that what he was doing was from God!

What about you? Have you been deceived into believing that what you are doing is God ordained?


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