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Prove It

How many times has someone told you to “prove it” when you were telling a story of amazing events? I’ll bet it is not a few. Imagine this conversation:

1st person: “I aced my math test!”

2nd person: “You probably cheated!”

1st person: “No I didn’t!”

2nd person: “Prove it!

It doesn’t matter if you have proof or not. The doubting person in all likelihood will not believe you anyway because he doesn’t want to believe you!

I have often wondered why the Israelites continually disobeyed God. When you consider the miracles of the scriptures like the exodus, the battle of Jericho, Gideon’s battle with the Midianites, David and Goliath, etc, it would be a stretch to believe that those things happened and still rebel against God. In the case of the exodus, the people watched the miracles happen and still did not trust God. To not believe has to be an act of the will.

English: Ahab was king of Israel and the son a...

English: Ahab was king of Israel and the son and successor of Omri (1 Kings 16:29-34). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Still God did not abstain from showing His power to the nation Israel. During the rule of Ahab (1 Kings 16:29 through 1 Kings 22:40), Ahab (and Israel) engaged in idolatry to the extent that God performed several miracles. In one of the miracles, God prompted Elijah to prove to Ahab and the Israelites that God was worthy to be worshiped. The BAAL worshippers were to set up an alter to Baal and Elijah was to set up an alter to the God of Israel. The deity that consumed the sacrifice on the alter would be proven to be worthy. The prophets of Baal called on their god all day to consume the sacrifice to no avail. Elijah called on the God of Israel once, at the time of the evening sacrifice, to consume the offering. Not only did God consume the sacrifice with fire but consumed the altar that it was on as well as the stones of the altar, the ashes under the altar and the water that surrounded the altar. Sounds to me like God was saying, “I’ll show you!” At this point, Jezebel, Ahab’s significant other, vowed to kill Elijah because he discredited (and killed) the prophets of her god.

Ahab? You will have to read the rest of the story for yourself and it will become clear that Ahab did not fear the Lord God of Israel.

Does God perform miracles today? I say, “Yes!” You don’t hear about them and the few people that do hear about them don’t believe them. What good would it do? If we don’t believe that the miracles of the Scriptures happened, why would we believe God is active today?

Do you believe your Bible stories?


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