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It Takes Faith? Really?

I just read another unbelievable story in the Old Testament! Ok, maybe the events really happened as the Bible says, but give those events to a modern reporter and the you’ll have quite a different story.

Cover of "The Battle Is Not Yours"

Cover of The Battle Is Not Yours

Supposedly, during the rule of King Jehoshaphat, the Moabites, Ammonites and some of the Meunites came to make war against Jehoshaphat. This had Jehoshaphat and the kingdom of Judah worried because they knew they were not powerful enough to vanquish such a large army. So the only thing that they could do was to gather together and pray to their God for protection from their enemies. During the assembly Jahaziel spoke a message to the assembly from the Lord. “Do not fear or be dismayed because of this great multitude, for the battle is not yours but God’s.” There was more that he spoke (2 Chronicles 20:16-17), but I’ll let you read it for yourself.

The story says that the Army of Judah went out to the battlefield but instead of fighting sang praises to the LORD. Here’s the unbelievable part. God confused the three armies and they destroyed each other. Judah was because there was no one left alive to fight. Do you believe it?

I wonder how many of the people that were there believed it. In the same chapter of 2 Chronicles the text describes how Jehoshaphat sinned because he did not trust God (vs.35 -37). Really? After witnessing a miraculous victory, the king did not trust God? Was the historian who wrote this story really naïve enough to believe it? Or did God really intervene in a hopeless situation? You have your choice, with God or without God. Either way the story is incredible to say the least.

Every day we are face with miracles! The miracle of birth; the miracle of the interdependence of the ecosystem and the flora and fauna. God surrounds us with miracles every day. They are so common that we take them for granted and attribute them to other forces that are more incredible than God’s intervention. So is God the sustainer of the universe? You get to decide! Decide right and the Bible says you are destined for everlasting glory. Decide wrong and its everlasting torment.

Oh, here is one last thought; “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God.” (Psalm 14:1)


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