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The Many, The Proud, The Edomites

You have heard it said that pride comes before a fall. And so it is. The Old Testament chronicles that over and over again. Just what is it about pride that brings the destruction. Let’s see what the dictionary says about pride. There are several definitions half of which are bad and the rest good. I will only deal with the definitions that I think apply here: 1. inordinate self esteem2. proud or disdainful behavior or treatment 3. ostentatious display 4. a showy or impressive group (i.e., a pride of dancers).

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Self Esteem Shop in Royal Oak, MI (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we think of the phrase “pride comes before a fall” I believe the first definition is what we are thinking of; inordinate self esteem. Why do we always think of ourselves more highly than we ought? I am this or I have done that; making sure that someone is envious of you because of your accomplishments or position. We forget that apart from God we can do nothing. God is always the cause of our position and accomplishments. We would do well to remember it!

The second definition describes some of us. I think it definitely describes our country, at least in the eyes of the rest of the world. That is why the people of so many countries hate us. We, as a nation, have accomplished a lot. We enjoy the highest standard of living in the world. The poorest in America, would be considered rich in many underdeveloped countries in the world. Yet we don’t share our wealth (that’s a whole ‘nuther topic) Our poor complain about how bad they have it while people in other countries are envious.

Our lifestyle is an ostentatious display. Big cars, big houses, big bank accounts, these are the things that the rest of the world is deprived of. I have seen people living in corrugated tin and cardboard shacks. Even with our wealth, we are not satisfied. it is no wonder that we have enemies!

The book of Obadiah describes how God will destroy the Edomites (the descendants of Esau). “You are greatly despised” says Obadiah 1:2 of the Edomites. Verse three sort of explains why they are despised. They forgot that apart from God, they can do nothing. They gave themselves the credit for their lofty position instead of giving it to God who put them there. Now. they are about to suffer the consequences of their sin. God always judges sin! Read for yourself about God’s judgment of Edom.

I fear for the U.S. Is our day of judgment coming soon?


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