Serving Jesus through discipleship

The Author

Hi! I am Larry Cornett.

For the purposess of this blog I am mdcministries. It is my goal to challenge Christians to live like Christians. I believe that this is a perfect medium for that. I can get a large group of people together to discuss their faith, share their  insights and become encouraged.


2 thoughts on “The Author

  1. Dave Suitts on said:

    Thanks, Larry!

  2. Jessica on said:

    Hello Mr. Cornett. I stumbled across your blog through a Google Goggles search while looking for the source of a photo published in Ray Vandeer Laan’s study “In the Dust of the Rabbi.”. The search brought me to your post from Nov 2012 – on Jesus as Shepherd – where you posted a lengthy portion of text from the book. However, I noticed their was no attribution to the author. I appreciate your stated desire to encourage others to discipleship but I believe it is important, especially as Christians, to give credit where credit is due. (Sorry to post this as a comment; I could not find a private way to contact you). I do look forward to exploring your site further and wish you well in your ministry.

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