Serving Jesus through discipleship


I have successfully used the material from the International Evangelistic Association to disciple someone. The discipleship materials are divided into two phases; basic discipleship (A Call to Joy) and intemediate discipleship (A Call to Growth). A Call to Joy is a 7 week training program that introduces the disciplee (referred to as the Timothy in the materials) to prayer, a daily quiet time for Bible reading and keeping a spiritual journal, as well as topics of Christian living that a new disciple needs to know. A Call to Growth , an 11 week training program introduces the Timothy to Independent Bible study, Scripture memorization, and evangelism while teaching some of the more advanced topics in Christian living. This is a great resource for training disciples.


2 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Way Of The Master

    I have found that the Way of the Master web site is a good resource that just may keep you motivated to share your faith. The Way of the Master teaches street evangelism. Some people may find this style confrontational and objectionable. To others it is just the technique you have been looking for to engage in effective evangelism.
    To compliment your street evangelism efforts a link to Living Waters Ministries is provided here and on the Way Of the Master web site. Living Waters Ministries offers Gospel tracts and other conversation starters that I believe you will find useful.

  2. That the World May Know

    A new resource I am using to help provide content isthe Study “in the dust of the rabbi” from the Faith Lessons series by Ray Vander Laan. It is a good study! look into it.

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